Spam Call Blocker

Block Spam Callers and Scammers


Use our extent phone number database to see who the caller is. Are you not sure whether the number you’re about to dial is safe and not a timewaster? Run it through our database to make sure the number isn’t fishy.


We know who’s calling. If the number calling you is one of the spammers in our database, Spam Call Blocker will let you know. Simply see who’s calling and if it’s someone you don’t really wanna talk to, block them. No more time wasted on the phone with people you don’t really wanna talk to.


Let’s help each other! Report spammers to our global database. If the same phone number gets reported by multiple users, we will make sure all users know that the spammer is not worth their time.


Are scammers, telemarketers, robocalls, or other spam numbers bothering you? You can simply block them. Be the master of your time. Decide who you’re going to answer!


Upkeeping is so important! Our database of spam numbers are being updated regularly in order to lower the chances of you answering a spammer. All you need to do is make sure you check for new updates in our database. We will take care of the spammers.

Save yourself and your time from spam callers.

No more spam calls and scammers! Spam Call Blocker is here to help you save your time and nerves. Spam Call blocker has an extent database. Know which numbers are just not worth answering. Install Spam Block and we will notify you when you get a call from an unwanted number. No more telemarketers, no more scammers, no more robocalls. Answer the calls you want to, not the spams you wish didn’t exist.

Download Spam Call Blocker right now.