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Grideo makes social posts professional and simple for everyone

Prague, Czech Republic, March 18th, 2021

​18 March 2021

  • The app Grideo enables iPhone and iPad users to create stunning and professional-looking visuals ready to be published on numerous social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat.

  • "GRIDEO is exceptionally user-friendly, ingenious, and provides almost unlimited options to style up your posts," says one of its users. 

  • GRIDEO has been featured as the App Of The Day in 165 countries worldwide by Apple. 

  • Download GRIDEO now, and let's celebrate its first year with an exclusive birthday-feature that no other app on the App Store has yet.

Prague, Czech Republic, March 18th, 2021

It has been one year since GRIDEO appeared on the App Store on March 18th, 2020, and the first users started to enhance their social media using this professional design tool. GRIDEO combines the simplicity of use with a plethora of high-end design features and tons of content to create visually stunning posts for social networks. The app provides more than 2 million photos, over 1000 fonts, hundreds of ready-made design templates, and tens of inspirational flash articles.

It has also received the Hero featuring and several rounds of Collections featuring on the App Store. The app is the most popular in the US, Australia, and Canada, followed by major European countries.

"The name comes from the app's early days when we needed to give it a temporary project name. Since the designs and sketches were all about collages in grids… The original goal was just to create a simple tool for  users to make professionally-looking posts with superb graphics. Since then, we have walked quite a long way and, I believe, hugely exceed our original expectations. With all the features and content we have enriched the app with during the past year, we very much dare to challenge the market-leading apps such as Over or Canva,"says the leading designer and idea-owner of GRIDEO, Kate Ondrejicka.

Among the most common users of GRIDEO are social media influencers, managers and designers, and small business owners. The app itself is free. The app's paid part aims for an extra features, branding, and more professional options.

"Grideo has a special place among our apps, and we keep improving it by introducing new and App Store-unique features, adding content, optimizing the design and performance. After months of trying to catch up with the market-leading competitors, we are finally at the point when we are the ones setting the trend for this kind of apps. After fulfilling the dream of being featured by Apple, the next milestone is to become the number one app in its category on the US App Store," says Tom Kvasnovsky, Co-Founder at App Toro (GRIDEO'S home app studio).

With the coming one-year birthday, GRIDEO comes with a brand new unique functionality that no other app of this kind provides yet. Element animation is a feature that allows a user to apply nine unique animations to each element in the editor and set a speed or a delay.Thanks to top-notch optimization, even older iPhones and iPads can handle this operation. The final work can be exported as a video for Instagram.

Key features:

  1. Create a design from scratch or customize hundreds of ready-made pro templates easily transformed into dynamic ANIMATED TEMPLATES with a few taps. 

  2. All social media posts and story sizes are ready to be posted directly from the app. 

  3. The app is fully optimized for iPads to work in Split View mode or landscape mode using the keyboard. 

  4. The in-app content provides 50 image filters for an instant enhanced effect. More than 2 million stock images, more than 1500 unique fonts, static and dynamic Giphy stickers.