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Revolutionizing the way stories are written. 


360 Writer is a personal multitasking assistant that records and transcribes meetings, interviews, lectures or phone calls while keeping all the information well organized, easily searchable and shareable with other apps and people. ​The app combines smooth and easy-to-use design with the ability to create an unlimited amount of entries such as photos, notes or marks.

360 Writer enriches the basic recording function with a set of smart features that transform the recording into a transparent and organized piece of information.


Interruption protection and auto-save function makes sure you never lose any recording. iCloud sync and easy export go without saying. Other smart tweaks include a deep-search of recordings by the title or notes, folder management and auto-detection of silences in your recordings.


Unlimited recording of phone calls, worldwide availability and all recordings automatically available in the app.

Machine transcription puts the world´s smartest supercomputers to work to return transcriptions in a matter of minutes and for a fraction of the price. The output is then available in the unique in-app Smart Text Editor that allows tidying up the work.

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